Grab-Bagz help keep your reusable grocery bags organized and convenient to use. Each Grab-Bagz can hold 2 to 10 grocery bags. The optional pocket provides a handy place to keep your coupons, shopping list or phone. How to use Grab-Bagz:

  • Open your Grab-Bagz into a flat rectangle.
  • Place folded grocery bags on one half, with the handles facing the mid-point (inside) of the open Grab-Bagz.
  • Turn the middle bag so the handle faces the open end of the Grab-Bagz.
  • Close the empty side of the rectangle over the bags.
  • Hook the elastic loop over the button through the one handle facing out. The elastic loop has a 2 position closure, depending on the number and thickness of your grocery bags. Adjust the knot for the number of bags you regularly use.
  • Your Grab-Bagz , and your grocery bags are ready to go!
  • Grey Chevron - plain front
  • Grey Chevron - with Aqua Dot pocket
  • Aqua Dot - plain front
  • Aqua Dot - with Grey Chevron pocket
  • Plain front: $7.00
  • Pocket front: $9.00
  • Tax and shipping charges will be added to total