Cost of being unorganized:

• Lost time can not find what you need when you need it
• Lost money purchase duplicate items because you cannot find the ones you already own
• Frustration cannot accomplish the things you set out to do
• Anxiety run out of time to finish important tasks

NEW - Grab Bagz

Grab-Bagz help keep your reusable grocery bags organized and convenient to use. Each Grab-Bagz can hold 2 to 10 grocery bags. The optional pocket provides a handy place to keep your coupons, shopping list or phone.

Organizing Rates:
30-60 minute in-home consultation/assessmentFree
Hourly organizing rate$40.00/hr
Pre-Paid Package Discounts:
12 to 20 hours$35.00/hr
20 or more hours $30.00/hr